An all in one platform built on Solana

The home of the SWOLE project, a hub for all of our products, released and under development.

The SWOLE Ecosystem

Our robust ecosystem, built and in development.

Swole Doge Token

The main asset in our ecosystem,
Swole Dogecoin.


Built on Serum, robust mobile friendly UI 


Solana Mine level one, two and a hub for our other NFTs affiliates


All of our products will provide utility within our metaverse.


Our team in constantly in reach in new collaborative efforts with other token, DEX, CEX and NFT projects.


An extension of our development team helping build and innovate on the Solana Blockchain.

Swole Dogecoin

The main asset in our ecosystem,
Swole Dogecoin.
Launched in late 2021, we are building the strongest community in Solana and in

Global Community

Since we've released, our SWOLE token has been able to amass over 8,000 strong holders and counting, with 20,000+ members on our discord. We are growing our community to lead into the mainstream realm and unite memecoin holders across all blockchains to Swole Doge on Solana.

Rewards and Staking for all holders

Each of our holders have the opportunity to earn more SWOLE everyday by staying active and contributing to our amazing community. Follow our discord for more information!


SWOLE Labs will serve as an extension of our development team, providing full back end and front end blockchain development.

Raising awareness and integrity of the SWOLE project.


SWOLE labs will act as a launchpad for new products projects built on Solana to bring forth new and innovative tech into the ecosystem using our tools and resources.


Our team has assisted a wide array of different projects including but not limited to NFTs, Dapps and other ventures - all built on on Solana Blockchain.

Clean UI for trading
built on Serum.

Our SWOLE Dex has been designed with features from leading Decentralized Exchange's on Solana, built on Serum.

Optimized for all devices

Our UI is optimized for all mobile and tablet devices allowing for easy trading.

Zero Commisions

SWOLE Dex is a commission free trading platform.

Metaverse (BETA)

All of our products will provide utility within our metaverse. The S-Verse will introduce various features, unique and native to typical metaverse model structures.

To be developed and released within 2022.

Project Collaboration

The Swole Metaverse will serve as a home for new highly anticipated NFT projects to showcase their projects within our metaverse and collaborate with other projects within the S-Verse.

Digital Land (Build your world)

Land on the S-Verse will be bought and sold to projects to build their own customized world and host their communities in the SWOLE realm.


In a cross promotional effort to increase awareness and adoption into crypto through our metaverse; the S-Verse will serve as a hub for brand development through SOL community collaborations, giveaways and game events.

NFT Collections

Our NFT collection, Solana Mines is our
legacy project yielding the highest rewards.


Limited Collection of 250

The most exclusive NFT collection in our
platform, with weekly airdrop rewards
and other utility (staking  TBA).

Solanamine Level 2

Free mint

Limited Collection of 888 Space
Dawgs roaming the metaverse.

Collaborations TBA


New collaborations and efforts within the NFT space are TBA.

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